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A Note from Your President: CREW News and Updates

Hello CREWBaltimore Members,

We had the pleasure of representing CREWBaltimore at the Spring Leadership Summit in Cleveland on June 21-22. We heard a lot of great ideas that we are excited to try in our Chapter. We also have some information from CREW Network that we would like to pass along to our Members.

1. Leadership Summits are not just for delegates or board members. Any member can attend. The leadership summits have time dedicated to leadership development as well as to talking about issues faced by chapters and learning what other chapters have tried with success or hardship. There were over 300 attendees in Cleveland. Convention is wonderful, but you get more in-depth leadership training and knowledge of the business side of chapter management and close contact with CREW Network Board of Directors at leadership summits. Upcoming leadership summits are:

2018 Fall Leadership Summit – San Diego, CA – October 17, 2018 (prior to Convention)
2019 Winter Leadership Summit – New Orleans, LA – February 14 & 15, 2019
2019 Spring Leadership Summit – Kansas City, MO – June 6 & 7, 2019

More information can be found at www.crewnetwork.org

2. Speaking of Convention – Who doesn’t want to go to San Diego in October? We hope to see many of you there October 17-19, 2018. As always, this Convention will have great networking opportunities, keynote speakers, and breakout sessions.

3. CREW Network dues will be increasing in 2019. This increase was approved by the Delegates in 2018. The increase is from $180/year to $210/year. Even with this dues increase, CREW Network remains one of the more affordable organizations for individuals in commercial real estate. The CREWBaltimore board of directors will discuss the increase and the impact on our annual dues as we begin budgeting later this year. We will let you know the impact on your cost of membership as soon as the information is available.

4. The topic for CREW Network’s 2018 whitepaper was announced. It will be on Achieving Gender Pay Equality in Commercial Real Estate. CREWBaltimore Member Karen Pecoraro is a chair of the industry research committee and CREWBaltimore Members Michele Cohen and Karen Sugar are on the committee. We look forward to release of the whitepaper in September!

5. Serving on a CREW Network committee is another way to learn more about the Network and gain leadership experience. Applications will open in late summer and are generally due in September. You can learn about committee experience here. Many CREWBaltimore members are currently serving on CREW Network Committees or have served in the past. You do not need experience as a CREWBaltimore board member to apply. We encourage you to consider applying for a CREW Network committee.

There is so much more we could share with you about our experiences at the Leadership Summits and as members of the CREWBaltimore Board. Please do not hesitate to contact us, or any of the board members, if you have questions or would like additional information.

Thank you,

Karyn Tasker
2018 President

Nikkia Fitch
2018 President-Elect

CREWspective – Winter Leadership Summit Takeaways


Howard Sobkov, CapEx Management, CREWBaltimore President-elect speaks at Winter Leadership Summit

Howard Sobkov, CapEx Management Group, CREWBaltimore President-elect at CREW Network Winter Leadership Summit

After attendance at the CREW Network Winter Leadership Summit in San Diego, CA on February 12-13, 2015, our President-elect, Howard Sobkov, has provided some of his top takeaways from the CREW Council Meeting and open mic session.

Strategic Plan Each Chapter should have a strategic plan and review it regularly.  It should be easily read and implemented.

  • Takeaway: CREWBaltimore needs to review and simplify the agenda

Playbook  Chapter leaders and all members should read and take notes on the Playbooks found on the CREW Network website.

Network Liaison Committee  Each Chapter should establish a Network Liaison committee to encourage members to serve on CREW Network committees, review the website and download relevant matter as well as contributing on social media positively.

  • Takeaway: Discuss establishing a Network Liaison Committee at the February Board meeting

Delegate and Foundation Champion There are terrific tools prepared by CREW Network and available on the website.

Regional Council Meeting: The next Council meeting will be held in Baltimore.  All members are invited to attend.  As a smaller meeting, it is an excellent opportunity to get to know members in other chapters.

  • Takeaway: Attend the Baltimore Leadership Summit June 18-19 and consider attending other Summits and the Convention in Seattle

CREWBiz App  Downloading the app will prove useful both locally and throughout the CREW Network of almost 10,000 members.  It may also cause you to update your CREW Biz profile.

  • Takeaway: Download the CREW Biz app and ensure that you can be found if an out of state CREW member needs your services.

MIT CREW Network is working to develop a leader certificate from MIT/CREW due to the quality of the programing and adding to credentials.

  • Takeaway: Stay tuned to CREW because you never know what may come next

There is a wealth of knowledge, leadership training and strategic ideas presented at Network Summits which every member should experience for themselves. Take advantage of these great opportunities when they arise and advocate for our organization.

Save the Date for the Spring Leadership Summit being held at the Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace Hotel June 18-19, 2015 in Baltimore, MD. It doesn’t get much closer to home than that!