Sponsor Spotlight: Omega Fire & Life Safety





Why did you join CREWBaltimore? What makes CREWBaltimore different?

Upon starting our company, we researched local networking groups that would give us access to our desired customer base and allow for professional skill development. From the first event when I was welcomed by Karen Pelton and Brenda Bodian, I knew CREWBaltimore equaled professional networking with a personal touch.

How long have you been a CREWBaltimore member / member company?

7.5 years

What do you want CREWBaltimore members to know about your company?

Omega Fire & Life Safety designs, inspects, monitors, and services scalable fire alarm, IP camera, card access, area of refuge (AOR), and security systems. Our company provides solutions during the design and install stages that encompass the long-term goal of simplifying the daily lives of building owners, property managers, facilities teams, and their tenants.

Which CREWBaltimore event have you most enjoyed in the past year and why?

The luncheon panels are always a favorite of mine. The sincerity and knowledge of the panelists and the moderators comes through every time and I always leave with new insight that helps  in both my professional and personal development.

Best weekend activity in Baltimore?

I use my weekends to get outdoors – I head to area ski slopes in the winter with my snowboard and hiking spots the rest of the year. And, of course, eating steamed crabs when possible!

What are the benefits of women supporting women in the CRE industry?

To me, the benefit is that we are learning to focus on and support the development of the attributes which individuals actually have direct control over. Being aware of inequities makes me look at how a person approaches his or her education, career choices, and professional networking.  Attributes such as drive, planning, sincerity, and ethics speak volumes about a person.

I often say you can be purple with green polka dots and a tail; it does not matter as long as you approach each interaction purposefully and ethically – that is an opportunity every single person has at his or her fingertips each day.

Best book or article you’ve read that had you fired up to take on the day/week/year at work?

The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss.

Which CREWBaltimore event are you most excited about this year?

The Beacon Awards on November 13th at the Lord Baltimore Hotel.

Tell us about a project, program or initiative that your company will be working on in 2020.

Omega Fire & Life Safety is overhauling both its internal systems and the website to give customers multiple methods to connect with us to request a service call or inspection, share fire alarm and security system monitoring updates, access inspection reports and service tickets, pay invoices, and see the progress of fire alarm, security, IP camera, and card access system installs and renovation projects. We have a variety of customers with a mix of preferences from old-school phone calls to mobile alerts; our continued goal is to simplify interactions and get to the solutions more quickly. This is a benefit for anyone involved in the interaction.