Member Spotlight – Angela Banner

Angela Banner

Angela Banner, Account Executive, Douron

Angela Banner

Account Executive at Douron

I help people with space planning, designing their work spaces, and staying within their budget.

How long have you been a CREWBaltimore Member?

I have been a member almost three years.

What was the experience or motivating factor that compelled you to join CREWBaltimore? Was there someone who influenced you to join?

I heard conflicting opinions about CREW from people at other networking groups, so I decided to find out for myself and signed up for an event.

I came to a lunch at the Tremont Grand, and I was totally welcomed and put at ease.  Joan Renner was the president at that time, and she was very friendly and down-to-earth.  I think we even sat at the same table during lunch.

I talked to Donna Kolb, who was then Director of Membership, and she was so friendly that I decided to come to another event.  I found the women at the next event to be just as warm and welcoming as the first luncheon, so I decided to join.

List any CREWBaltimore positions held or committees you have been a part of.

Membership Committee, 2012 – present

Programs Committee, 2013 – present

How does CREWBaltimore support your career

CREWBaltimore helps support my career with great programming that is relevant to the commercial real estate industry and current business trends in Baltimore.  It also provides me with a group of positive, business-minded peers that inspire me and make me feel welcome.

I have found friends in CREW as well as women that I look up to.  The atmosphere of CREW compels me to constantly strive to be a better account executive, networker, and a more polished professional.

Has CREWBaltimore contributed to your leadership skills and experience?

CREWBaltimore has helped me be a better leader through working on two committees.  I have had to step up to the challenges of being involved with reaching out to new people and asking them to become CREW members, organizing an event, and doing whatever is asked of me to help grow and improve our CREW chapter.

What do you do in your spare time? Provide a fun fact about yourself.

 I don’t have much spare time, but I do volunteer work with animal rescues. My 11-year-old dog and 17-year-old cat are both rescues. My dog gets me outside every single day — no matter what the weather (Polar Vortex included) — and helps keep me active by taking me for a walk every night. 🙂

A fun fact about me is that I am an adrenaline-seeker.  I love roller coasters, rowdy sports events, and concerts, and I jumped out of an airplane once.

What are you passionate about?

 I am passionate about animal rights and ending animal abuse.

If you could spend the day with one celebrity, who would it be and why?

I would spend the day with John Travolta. I think he has done some amazing things in his career –I LOVE Pulp Fiction! He has also had some tough life circumstances to overcome, like the death of his son and different episodes of the media bashing him. I love the fact that he is still married to the same woman after 20+ years, and I just get the feeling that he is still an approachable, genuinely kind person. I can’t think of anyone else like him.

Howard’s CREWspective

Howard Sobkov

Howard Sobkov, Partner, Cap Ex Management Group

Are guys allowed in CREW?

by Howard Sobkov, HMS Equity, Cap Ex Management Group

I went to my first CREWBaltimore event in early 2012. Three facts jumped out at me at the event.

(1) I was one of the only men at the event. Besides the speakers, there were only two other guys at the 100-person lunch.

(2) Everyone, and I mean everyone, was friendly to me and seemed open to getting to know me and making me feel comfortable at the event, particularly given point 1.

(3) Commercial real estate folks were everywhere, and most that I met were business owners or responsible for their own profit and loss statements.

Why CREWBaltimore?

I have remained in CREWBaltimore because it has helped my business on so many levels, and the mission of helping promote women in commercial real estate remains just as relevant today.

Some of the ways that CREWBaltimore has helped HMS Equity and the commercial property management business will be listed here to explain why CREWBaltimore is the optimal organization for anyone in commercial real estate in the greater Baltimore area.


CREWBaltimore has provided a myriad of leadership opportunities, including opportunities to speak at CREW events as well as follow on speeches at other organizations who heard my CREW talks. Committee work has provided other opportunities to identify areas of growth, lead programs, and have opportunities to mentor younger members and learn from more seasoned professionals.


This happens on several levels and is always an enjoyable experience due to the nature of the membership of CREWBaltimore. At committee meetings, networking happens spontaneously. At CREWBaltimore events, there is always time before and after events to network with both members and guests, including the speakers. Finally, due to the CREWBaltimore membership being focused on commercial real estate, face-to-face meetings have yielded spectacular results due to the shared goal of the success of CREWBaltimore.


Being a member of CREWBaltimore, I have had the opportunity to get to know several business owners who are CREWBaltimore members and have helped my business of commercial property management. Specifically, Kolb Electric owner Donna Kolb has solved an issue with quality electrical help, and Kolb Electric now functions as an extension of my business, as they are prompt, efficient, quality, and competitively priced.

Cardno ATC member Karen Pecoraro has provided property condition and environmental services on several transactions with a first-rate product and service. There are other examples that I am happy to discuss with anyone who is interested.

The other way that CREWBaltimore has helped my business is regularly seeing members who are in commercial real estate in and around Baltimore who I also see frequently in transactions and am comforted by knowing the professionals and principals at the table.


Being involved in CREWBaltimore, I have been very impressed with the character of the members in a business that is not always highlighted by character people. There is an underlying sense of all members to “pay it forward.” The mission and the application process helps to determine that applicants will continue to further the goals and operation of CREWBaltimore.

Men Can Join CREW!

So, yes, men can join CREW, find opportunities as described above, and enhance their businesses if they pay it forward. If you are in commercial real estate in the greater Baltimore area, CREWBaltimore is an excellent organization to consider for your investment of time.

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