Member Spotlight: Kristen Schrader

Kristen Schrader
Business Development Manager, KBE Building Corporation

KBE Building Corporation is a Top ENR 400 Contractor headquartered in Farmington CT with regional offices in Norwalk, CT, Columbia, Maryland and we recently opened KBENY.  KBE provides preconstruction, construction management, design-build and general contracting services with a current annual volume of $300 million.  KBE has delivered more than $4billon in construction volume over the last two decades alone. 

 As Business Development Manager for the mid-atlantic region of KBE Building corporation Kristen is responsible for developing new client relationships and maintaining existing client relationships.  Through those relationships she is responsible for Construction Management, Design/Build and General Contracting leads in retail, industrial, federal, higher education, student housing, senior living and corporate office. 

How long have you been a CREW Member?
CREW Member since 2010 – 7 years

What was the experience or motivating factor that compelled you to join CREW Baltimore? 
I was new to business development and was looking for a solid network of people and friends in the industry, I looked to CREW for that network.  So many of the women I met at CREW also attended other industry events and I felt I would always have a friend and a warm introduction to any event I attended. 

List any CREWBaltimore positions held or committees you have been a part of.
Membership Committee 2011/2012
Social Media Committee Co-Chair 2013
Programs Committee Co-Chair 2014/2015
Programs Committee Chair 2015/2016
Board of Director – Programs Director 2017

How does CREW Baltimore support your career?
CREW has been an excellent network for professional development.  I have met so many wonderful people in CREW that have gone out of their way to help me track down a project lead, get an introduction or just get general industry and life advice from. 

Has CREW Baltimore contributed to your leadership skills and experience?CREWBaltimore has directly contributed to my leadership skills and experience.  Being the programs co-chair and chair for many years I have worked with a committee of professionals from every aspect of commercial real estate.  Every professional on the committee is looking to make a connection and learn something from our panel speakers.  Managing expectation, panel speakers, committee members and personalities as well as respecting everybody’s time has absolutely helped my headship skills and experiences. 

What do you do in your spare time? 
I snowboard as much as I possibly can both on the East Coast and trips out West. I vacation with my family in the OBX during the summer months, read books and enjoy cooking. 

What is your guilty pleasure?
I make homemade pasta and enjoy every noodle

What are you passionate about?
Life!  I enjoy traveling, experiencing new things, meeting new people and learning what makes us tick. 

What is your dream vacation spot?
Spend a week in Aspen, followed by a week on a tropical island.