Member Spotlight: Kelli Rivera

Name, Job Title, Company: Kelli Rivera, Senior General Manager at JLL, guru of all (most) things property management.

How long have you been a CREWBaltimore Member? 3.5 years

What was the experience or motivating factor that compelled you to join CREWBaltimore?Was there someone who influenced you to join? My supervisor at JLL was the President of the Chapter at the time (Amy Lacock) and encouraged me to attend a lunch and learn. This event was the Women of Influence panel and I was charged and ready to be a part of a great organization after attending.

List any CREWBaltimore positions held or committees you have been a part of.

  • Sponsorship Committee – Director
  • Sponsorship Committee – Co-Chair Person
  • Outreach Committee – Member

Have you done business with another CREW member, locally or nationally? I have done business with MANY CREW members. To name a few, Infinity Restoration, Mona Electric, AllSafe Elevator, Arris Design, and Sentral Services. It is the connections that are made at CREW events that allow every member an opportunity to be successful. I can make that statement for both my personal life and professional life.

What 3 business tips can you share with others? The 3 business tips that I can share are: 1. Try, try, try again; 2. A bad failure can turn into a good success; 3. The worst someone can say is “no” – you will never know unless you ask.

What is one trait you wish all female leaders could cultivate? One trait that I wish all female leaders could cultivate is personal assurance. All too often we, females, do not have faith in our own abilities, yet have all the faith in others.

What do you do in your spare time? In my “spare” time I like to do high energy, adrenaline and outdoor activities with my kids. I especially love to go on a hike where cell service is sketchy – the ability to disconnect from outside world is key when involved in such a fast-past working environment.

If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think the Title should be? Why did you select this title? She who wears many hats. The title is pretty explanatory: mother, wife, business owner, sister, daughter, boss, friend, co-worker. (Just to name a few)

What is your guilty pleasure? My guilty pleasure is sweets. I love making them. I love eating them. My daughter and I frequently watch baking challenges and try to re-create the items.