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The Time is Now for Women in Commercial Real Estate


The time is now for women in commercial real estate. This intensely powerful video, created by CREW Network, features Gail Ayers, CEO of CREW Network, and Angela Beddard, Director of Cushman and Wakefield Commerce, discussing the importance of encouraging and promoting women to join the commercial real estate field. 

CREWspective – CREW Network Convention Chapter Report by Amy Lacock

Chapter Report – CREW Network Convention

by Amy Lacock, Chapter Secretary, CREWBaltimore

Amy Lacock, VP/Portfolio Manager, Colliers International

Amy Lacock, VP/Portfolio Manager, Colliers International and Chapter Secretary, CREWBaltimore

As the fortunate recipient of the CREWBaltimore Scholarship, I had the pleasure of attending the annual convention from September 30 through October 3, 2015 at the Hyatt Regency Bellevue. This was the opportunity of a lifetime! As some attendees were wrapping up a successful leadership summit and gearing up to start the annual convention, the energy and atmosphere was vibrant and full of enthusiasm.

Convention started with the CREW Seattle and Sound Insiders tour on Wednesday, followed up by a “first time” attendee networking session. I attended this session with a few hundred newbies alongside. We were captivated by CREW Network Board members Faith Hope Consolo and Judy Nitsch. As with doing anything new, it can be overwhelming and intimidating, but with this opening and welcoming session, they provided the tools to help guide you through an incredible next few days.

On Thursday morning, the opening session with Carla Harris was tremendous. Her day job as the Vice Chairman of Wealth Management/Senior Client Advisor at Morgan Stanley and her “side” job of being an author and gospel singer came through throughout her charismatic discussion using her trademark of “Carla’s Pearls” to share her insight on her successes and lessons learned throughout her career. Carla’s presentation truly captivated me, along with her audience, and gave us a few questions to take back and reflect on:

  • What does the marketplace think of you? Perception is the co-pilot to reality.
  • Pick three adjectives to describe yourself. Would others use these adjectives to describe you even when you’re not in the room?
  • How is your relationship currency? Relationships are key, you use them to activate and transform if you want to stay relevant.
  • Are you authentic? Embrace who you are and your intellectual capacity.

What an opening by Carla Harris! I knew the rest of the convention was going to be just as exciting as the opening session! CREW Network schedules various networking and plenary sessions for both days of the convention. There are several to choose from so that each attendee can select what would best suit them for their networking and career. For example: Mixed Use: An Old Concept That is New Again, The Rise of the Urban Campus, Crowdfunding, Healthcare, Stackable Cities, Senior Housing, and Public-Private Redevelopment.

Friday’s sessions were just as spectacular as Thursday’s. The convention ended with the keynote luncheon with speaker Madeleine Albright. Madeleine shared a brief history of her career, which did not begin until age 39. She captivated her audience using a few of her famous taglines: “You cannot get ahead by standing still” and “There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.” As a woman in a commercial property management role, I could not agree more! This emulates everything that CREW stands for, and ending with Madeleine was the icing on the cake. It was an honor and a privilege to hear her speak.

As a member of CREWBaltimore, I can honestly say that going into Convention, I knew it was a well-attended, high-profile event; however, I did not truly understand the magnitude of not only the success of the event but also the incredible experience that I was fortunate enough to partake in and bring home with me. It forever changed me. I completely drank the Kool-Aid and cannot wait to attend the 2016 Convention in New York City. I highly recommend that everyone attend a CREW Convention. It provides you with access to members from other chapters, colleagues that you can do business with, and access to CREW Network’s board members so that you can help better your chapter and your career on a personal level.

I truly appreciate the opportunity to represent CREWBaltimore and hope to see everyone in NYC next year!

CREWspective: CREWBaltimore 30th Anniversary

CREWspective: CREWBaltimore 30th Anniversary Retrospective

In honor of our 30th anniversary, we asked CREWBaltimore legacy members to share with us their thoughts about the past, present, and future of our organization. Enjoy the wealth of wisdom!

What is your most memorable CREWBaltimore moment, and why?

Abby Glassberg, SVP, Colliers International

Abby Glassberg, SVP, Colliers International

ABBY GLASSBERG, SVP, Colliers International:

Very early in my real estate career I heard at a CREW meeting that if you didn’t hear no 7 times a day, you didn’t ask for enough. Very wise advice, which I repeat often. Whether you are negotiating your salary and benefits package or asking for the high profile assignment or listing, I think in general, women take what is offered instead of asking for more.

Brenda Bodian, President, BJB Realty Advisors

Brenda Bodian, President, BJB Realty Advisors, Inc.

BRENDA BODIAN, President, BJB Realty Advisors, Inc. and CREWBaltimore Past President (1995):

That is a very hard question since there are so many!  Here are two that are most vivid to me:

  1. Senator Mikulski receiving her Glass-Ceiling-Breaking award at our sold-out 10th anniversary celebration in 1996. When she saw that red CREW hard hat decorated with shards of plexiglass, she broke into a huge smile, put it on, and showed it off to us all.  It was a great moment to share her success and that of three other honorees with 250 CREW members and guests. Also honored were now-retired, former member Rosellen Fleishman (one of the first women in CRE brokerage in Baltimore); Laurie Schwartz (at the time, head of Downtown Partnership and currently head of Waterfront Partnership); and Janet Marie Smith (architect for the Orioles at Camden Yards and other ballparks).
  1. Participating in CREW Careers, a wonderful hands-on learning program that CREWBaltimore members organized three years in a row to teach high school and middle school girls about careers in commercial real estate. The all-day session in 2009 was held at University of Baltimore and included a construction tour of the Fitzgerald.  For one project, teams of girls planned and built models of real estate projects they would like to see in their communities and presented the projects with amazing poise in a professional auditorium setting.

What one goal would you like CREWBaltimore to achieve during our next 30 years?

Kristen Pleasants, Principal, Basis Point Advisors

Kristen Pleasants, Principal, Basis Point Advisors

KRISTEN PLEASANTS, Principal, Basis Point Advisors

I would like to see us become the premier commercial real estate networking organization in Baltimore, regardless of discipline or gender.

Amy Lacock, VP/Portfolio Manager, Colliers International

Amy Lacock, VP/Portfolio Manager, Colliers International

AMY LACOCK, VP/Portfolio Manager at Colliers International and 2015 CREWBaltimore Chapter Secretary

Increase our membership in the core commercial real estate sector by 50% and obtain/maintain at least two platinum sponsors.

What is the most noticeable difference between when you started with this organization and where we are now?

Howard Sobkov

Howard Sobkov, Partner, Cap Ex Management Group

HOWARD SOBKOV, Partner, Cap Ex Management Group and CREWBaltimore 2015 President-Elect

The organization’s ability to attract and provide opportunities for younger members.

Amy Lacock, VP/Portfolio Manager, Colliers International

Amy Lacock, VP/Portfolio Manager, Colliers International

AMY LACOCK, VP/Portfolio Manager at Colliers International and 2015 CREWBaltimore Chapter Secretary

The organization as a whole has grown tremendously. Leadership has played a big part in that. Aligning our chapter with CREW Network has been instrumental.

What do you feel has been the biggest factor constributing to the success of CREWBaltimore? (Why has the organization grown instead of fizzled out?)

Lynda Balins, Sales & Capture Manager, Safeguard Maintenance Corporation

Lynda Balins, Sales & Capture Manager, Safeguard Maintenance Corporation

LYNDA BALINS, Sales & Capture Manager, Safeguard Maintenance Corporation and CREWBaltimore Past President (2013):

In 2012 we started limiting the times a guest could attend and we had the largest membership growth that year.  I also believe the strategic plan to keep the Board focused on the big picture by developing committees and director positions increased member participation and recruitment.

miles & stockbridge

Michele Cohen, Principal, Miles & Stockbridge

MICHELE COHEN, Principal, Miles & Stockbridge and CREWBaltimore Past President (2012)

I think factors significantly contributing to our success include the strength of our programming (both topics and speakers) and also to the personalities of our members (who are generally very welcoming to visitors and new members).

How do you feel about CREWBaltimore in the 21st century? (Has technology fundamentally changed the organization?)

Abby Glassberg, SVP, Colliers International

Abby Glassberg, SVP, Colliers International

ABBY GLASSBERG, SVP, Colliers International:

I am very excited about the energy and vision of the CREWBaltimore leadership. It would be wonderful that after 30 years there would be no need for CREW because women had all the same opportunities as men and that there was wage parity with men. Since women don’t have the opportunities and wage parity, CREW is still very important. Technology and social media have enhanced the ability of CREW to get its message out to more women.

Brenda Bodian, President, BJB Realty Advisors, Inc.

Brenda Bodian, President, BJB Realty Advisors, Inc.

BRENDA BODIAN, President, BJB Realty Advisors, Inc. and CREWBaltimore Past President (1995)

Technology has dramatically changed the organization, added a lot of efficiency, and brought us more in touch with one another.  We’ve come a long way from stuffing envelopes with meeting notices and newsletters to send out by mail.  Today, periodic email reminders are a better way to encourage members and guests to attend meetings and to keep them posted with current CREW news.

In the early years, all committee and board meetings were held at someone’s office and we met in person.  Today, CREW members can hold successful meetings by phone and video.  Skype and email allowed me to be an active committee member for the Beacon Awards Program from overseas.

Those of us involved with CREW Network leadership in the mid to late 1990s were on the cutting edge as we learned to use email and the internet from other CREW members and brought these tools back to other members and our companies.

What avenues have helped you become successful within CREW?

miles & stockbridge

Michele Cohen, Principal, Miles & Stockbridge

MICHELE COHEN, Principal, Miles & Stockbridge and CREWBaltimore Past President (2012)

I think that taking the time to attend events on a regular basis and become part of the organization’s leadership structure (committee and board) are critical to success. These interactions allowed me to meet a lot of industry professionals and also develop my own industry expertise. In addition, the committee/board roles allowed me to further develop my own leadership and executive skills. As with most other organizations, you get back what you put in.

2015 CREWBaltimore commercial real estate network president Karen Pecoraro

Karen Pecoraro, Director of Client Services, CARDNO ATC and President of CREWBaltimore

KAREN PECORARO, Director of Client Services, CARDNO ATC and CREWBaltimore President (2015)

Four things come to mind right away:  (1) CREWBiz (2) Committee work (3) Sponsorship and (4) Personal Mentorship

CREWBiz has been essential for me in identifying those individuals with particular expertise, not just for my own needs but also when I am asked for referrals – which is often.  My practice is to go to CREWBiz first and search within CREWBaltimore or other specific chapters, depending on where the services are needed.  People remember when I have recommended their expertise to others, and in turn I find myself receiving referrals from them.  Howard Sobkov would call this paying it forward, and I call it making use of an incredible resource!  I have also been successful in finding key local business contacts through CREWBiz by contacting CREW members employed by that business in other parts of the country.  A firm may not be represented in CREWBaltimore, but I have used CREWBiz to identify one of their staff in other locations.  And that CREW member has always been willing to refer me to a local point of contact in their firm.  It is often said “There are no cold calls in CREW,” and this has very much been my experience.

Secondly, working on chapter Committees has given me and my employer professional recognition within the local commercial real estate community, and this has been especially valuable as we underwent a merger and name change from ATC Associates, Inc. to Cardno ATC.  Task-based committee work has facilitated relationship building with other committee members; it has enhanced my career in environmental consulting and facilitated brand recognition for Cardno ATC.  Committee work has also put me in direct contact with leaders in the local  and larger CRE community, as when I am seeking expert speakers, potential sponsors, and target members.  Working on the Network Nominating Committee and speaking on a panel at the Spring Leadership Summit provided even broader geographic exposure.  These connections have been rewarding to me personally and professionally  with friendships that began in committees and while serving on the board of directors. 

Third has been the opportunity to achieve recognition in the commercial real estate community through CREW Sponsorship.  Cardno ATC’s sponsorship in CREWBaltimore has provided essential local name recognition at a critical time of transition for the company.  On the CREWBaltimore website and every eblast, the firm’s name is broadcast not just to chapter members, but to everyone who ever attended a chapter program.

Finally, I have experienced the advantage of personal mentorship from legacy members of CREWBaltimore, in both my chapter roles and in my career.  Lou Ann Dent, Cynthia Berman, Joan Renner, Kristen Pleasants, and Kim Hogan have been and continue to be important advisors for me, especially during my term as President Elect and President.  Sometimes, it is a brief conversation in passing, sometimes an in-depth meeting or email exchange or call, but each time I come away with information and perspective that I would not have otherwise gained and I am amazed at their generosity.   As mentors they did not tell me what to do, but instead helped me discover the right thing to do.  I knew they wanted me to succeed and that made me want to work even harder!

Looking back at the inaugural CREW Baltimore years, what were challenges you faced as a Chapter?

Karen Sugar, Principal, Sugar Associates, LLC

Karen Sugar, Principal, Sugar Associates, LLC

KAREN SUGAR, Principal, Sugar Associates, LLC 

In the earliest years, my impression was that the male-dominated commercial real estate organizations viewed us as an organization of women “light-weights” – not to be taken too seriously.  But in the past 10-15 years, with the serious efforts of the program professionals, we located the luncheon programs in high-end venues downtown, developed programs with important speakers that attracted many real estate professionals and also attracted enough of the real estate heavy-hitters in town to make the doubters sit up and take notice.  This has been clearly evidenced by the number of attendees to our programs and the remarkable growth of our membership.  Now I believe that the entire commercial real estate community respects our organization and considers it a major part of the real estate establishment.

Brenda Bodian, President, BJB Realty Advisors, Inc.

Brenda Bodian, President, BJB Realty Advisors, Inc.

BRENDA BODIAN, President, BJB Realty Advisors, Inc. and CREWBaltimore Past President (1995)

Shortly after the Baltimore Chapter was formed in the late 1980s, our industry was hit hard by the Savings and Loan Crisis.  A large number of our peers were suddenly out of work, including 50% of Baltimore’s architects. CREWBaltimore had to work in creative ways to keep members and to make membership more affordable and meaningful to members facing financial challenges.

Those who continued their memberships through that and later recessions benefited greatly from staying active and connected to other members.  We gave each other plenty of personal and career support and had access to CREW members across the country who helped us learn from their experiences.

One cost-cutting measure yielded some of our best meetings.  We brought our own lunches to so-called “Brown Bag Lunch Meetings” held in a CREW member’s conference room.   These intimate meetings gave us more opportunities to get to know and learn from the speaker and one another.

Reminisce with us all year long as we celebrate 30 years of the CREWBaltimore Chapter through our social media #ThirtiethThursday posts, blog releases, and other events all leading up to our Anniversary Party. Find one of these legacy members at the next Chapter event to hear more about the transitions of this amazing organization over the past 30 years.

SAVE THE DATE & stay tuned for details about our 30th Anniversary Celebration, which will be held on December 3rd at the offices of Miles & Stockbridge!

Oh, How Far We’ve Come! CREW CHAPTERS

To all our younger members, there actually was a time when there were no CREW CHAPTERS and no CREW NETWORK.  Can you believe it?  Let’s just look back to 1985…………………..Nope – none there….

It wasn’t until 1987, when two similar organizations began to assemble, realizing a need for a formal network organization once women became bold enough to assume commercial real estate professions.  One, called WICRE – Women in Commercial Real Estate on the west coast and the other, called CREW National, in New York began to help dynamic women find each other through organized efforts.

Fast forward to 2015 – wow have we grown!  The two fledgling organizations not only found each other, but look how far we’ve come!  There are now 73 active CREW Chapters that we can call upon to find answers and partners for doing business together.  So reach out, congratulate each other for being so successful, and let’s do some business together!!   BRAVA, MEMBERS OF CREW!!

CREWspective – Winter Leadership Summit Takeaways


Howard Sobkov, CapEx Management, CREWBaltimore President-elect speaks at Winter Leadership Summit

Howard Sobkov, CapEx Management Group, CREWBaltimore President-elect at CREW Network Winter Leadership Summit

After attendance at the CREW Network Winter Leadership Summit in San Diego, CA on February 12-13, 2015, our President-elect, Howard Sobkov, has provided some of his top takeaways from the CREW Council Meeting and open mic session.

Strategic Plan Each Chapter should have a strategic plan and review it regularly.  It should be easily read and implemented.

  • Takeaway: CREWBaltimore needs to review and simplify the agenda

Playbook  Chapter leaders and all members should read and take notes on the Playbooks found on the CREW Network website.

Network Liaison Committee  Each Chapter should establish a Network Liaison committee to encourage members to serve on CREW Network committees, review the website and download relevant matter as well as contributing on social media positively.

  • Takeaway: Discuss establishing a Network Liaison Committee at the February Board meeting

Delegate and Foundation Champion There are terrific tools prepared by CREW Network and available on the website.

Regional Council Meeting: The next Council meeting will be held in Baltimore.  All members are invited to attend.  As a smaller meeting, it is an excellent opportunity to get to know members in other chapters.

  • Takeaway: Attend the Baltimore Leadership Summit June 18-19 and consider attending other Summits and the Convention in Seattle

CREWBiz App  Downloading the app will prove useful both locally and throughout the CREW Network of almost 10,000 members.  It may also cause you to update your CREW Biz profile.

  • Takeaway: Download the CREW Biz app and ensure that you can be found if an out of state CREW member needs your services.

MIT CREW Network is working to develop a leader certificate from MIT/CREW due to the quality of the programing and adding to credentials.

  • Takeaway: Stay tuned to CREW because you never know what may come next

There is a wealth of knowledge, leadership training and strategic ideas presented at Network Summits which every member should experience for themselves. Take advantage of these great opportunities when they arise and advocate for our organization.

Save the Date for the Spring Leadership Summit being held at the Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace Hotel June 18-19, 2015 in Baltimore, MD. It doesn’t get much closer to home than that!

CREWspective – From Coast to Coast by Francesca Braniger

francesca braniger

Francesca Braniger, Vice President, Sunwest Bank

A guest post by Francesca Braniger

(President-Elect, CREW-OC and Former President-Elect, CREWBaltimore)

I joined CREWBaltimore just after finishing my MBA in 2010 (how has it already been five years?). At the bank where I worked, I was the only female and the youngest in my position by more than a decade, so I was hungry for guidance from more experienced women in the industry. Luckily, I found CREWBaltimore and was pleasantly surprised at the supportive nature of the members.  Most other networking functions I had attended seemed sterile, but CREW was warm, and the women were educated and ambitious. What a great find!

By July 2013, I was a ten-year resident of Baltimore but still a California native. When my husband and I had the opportunity to move back home after the birth of our son, we jumped at the offer to be close to family again (and enjoy the sunshine). Still, we were sad to leave the friends we made and roots we had planted. During my three years with the group, I had done some serious growing up – both personally and professionally – and it was hard to say goodbye to the great group of women (and men) who helped me do that.

Our new home in Orange County was only a few hours from where I grew up, but I still had to create a new network.  Naturally, CREW was top-of-mind for meeting professional, ambitious women who could help me grow my industry knowledge and leadership skills. I can happily report that the warm reception I received at my first CREWBaltimore function in 2010 was also the same reception I received as “the new kid on the block” at CREW Orange County.  I jumped into chapter activities and am excited to be CREW-OC’s 2015 President Elect!

It’s been so interesting to hear CREW-OC’s trials, tribulations, and successes because many of them are the same as CREWBaltimore’s.  How do we attract the RIGHT new members?  What topics will members find interesting for luncheons? What events will keep members engaged? How do we spread the word about who CREW members are and what we do?

In a way, our members are much like the world we’re operating in: commercial real estate is a dynamic industry that requires ever-changing answers to these questions. It’s no surprise that they’re posed in Baltimore, Orange County, and probably many places in between.  I can try to anticipate what our chapter will be doing in a few years, but I know only what our membership is like today. Rather than simply answer questions, we need to find solution to problems based on what works for our existing membership and strategic plan.

To compare the two chapters would be comparing apples to oranges (no pun intended).  What I can say, however, is that Baltimore has a vast group of active members who are engaged with the organization.  It’s impressive to see such a large percentage of the membership attend events and serve on committees. I hope that Baltimore remembers these “legacy” members because they’re truly invaluable. I also compliment Baltimore for focusing on the “bigger picture” that their chapter is part of CREW Network – which provides access to an even wider network of amazing women.

At 175 members and growing, CREW-OC is a little larger than CREWBaltimore. I’ve been impressed with CREW-OC’s emphasis on member benefits; during the past year, the chapter added and subsidized many events. I love seeing the young blood attend our luncheons and join the membership.  It’s invigorating to know that the number of women in our field is growing.

My respect for CREW and its leadership has grown immensely since returning to California. CREW is not just a group of women in Baltimore volunteering their time – it’s thousands of women coast-to-coast creating a supportive, engaging, and uplifting community that is advancing women in Commercial Real Estate. I’m so glad I went to my first CREWBaltimore event, and I’m so proud to continue this rich tradition with the wonderful people in Orange County.

CREWspective – Why Should I Attend CREW Network Convention?


View photos of CREWBaltimore at the National Convention here.

2014 CREW Network Convention & Marketplace

Sept. 30 – Oct. 3, 2014

Loews Miami Beach Hotel, Miami Beach, FL

Commercial Real Estate Convention: CREW Network Convention and Marketplace

CREW Network Commercial Real Estate Convention: Why Should I Attend?

This 4-day event features educational seminars, area tours, networking, roundtable events/workshops and inspirational speakers to include Hillary Rodham Clinton, Steve Forbes, Katty Kay, Ken Rosen, and Crystal Washington.

If that’s not motivation enough to register today, here are some additional perspectives from your own CREWBaltimore colleagues who have attended…

CREWBaltimore Member Feedback

“The CREW Network Convention is a great networking event and gives you the opportunity to learn the best practices of other chapters. Each time, you come back energized with great ideas and connections!”

Lynda Balins, Capture Manager, Safeguard Maintenance and Past President of CREWBaltimore

“I found attending the convention to be a great opportunity to meet like-minded real estate professionals. In some cases, these meetings led to business opportunities but in many other instances the real benefit was simply the chance to interact with some very interesting women. The convention also provides the opportunity to hear from business leaders in the industry.”

Michele L. Cohen, Esq., Miles & Stockbridge P.C.

“I can sum this up in two words – Inspiring Energy. The entire convention buzzed with an underlying positive note teeming with intelligence, personality, and friendliness. Despite early morning flights, constant activity and a time zone change, I returned invigorated, more confident, and ready to work.”

Beth Hardsock, President, Omega Fire and Life Safety

“I always return from the CREW Network Convention motivated and full of energy and ideas. I used to think that the Convention would not be beneficial because my company does business only in the Baltimore metropolitan area. I could not be more wrong! Many attendees work for companies that do business throughout the U.S. and have knowledge or expertise that has been helpful. I have made many meaningful connections at the Convention.”

Joan Renner, Chief Financial Officer, The Brick Companies

“I view the CREW Network Annual Convention as a “must attend” event in my schedule. It is incredibly difficult to describe the sheer energy in the room and the level of networking that occurs at these events. Participants are there to do business and to help you be successful in your business. It doesn’t matter if your business is limited to here in Baltimore or if you do business internationally, I believe that you will find it time and money well spent.”

Kristen Pleasants, Principal, Basis Point Advisors

For more information about the event visit the website at

Howard’s CREWspective

Howard Sobkov

Howard Sobkov, Partner, Cap Ex Management Group

Are guys allowed in CREW?

by Howard Sobkov, HMS Equity, Cap Ex Management Group

I went to my first CREWBaltimore event in early 2012. Three facts jumped out at me at the event.

(1) I was one of the only men at the event. Besides the speakers, there were only two other guys at the 100-person lunch.

(2) Everyone, and I mean everyone, was friendly to me and seemed open to getting to know me and making me feel comfortable at the event, particularly given point 1.

(3) Commercial real estate folks were everywhere, and most that I met were business owners or responsible for their own profit and loss statements.

Why CREWBaltimore?

I have remained in CREWBaltimore because it has helped my business on so many levels, and the mission of helping promote women in commercial real estate remains just as relevant today.

Some of the ways that CREWBaltimore has helped HMS Equity and the commercial property management business will be listed here to explain why CREWBaltimore is the optimal organization for anyone in commercial real estate in the greater Baltimore area.


CREWBaltimore has provided a myriad of leadership opportunities, including opportunities to speak at CREW events as well as follow on speeches at other organizations who heard my CREW talks. Committee work has provided other opportunities to identify areas of growth, lead programs, and have opportunities to mentor younger members and learn from more seasoned professionals.


This happens on several levels and is always an enjoyable experience due to the nature of the membership of CREWBaltimore. At committee meetings, networking happens spontaneously. At CREWBaltimore events, there is always time before and after events to network with both members and guests, including the speakers. Finally, due to the CREWBaltimore membership being focused on commercial real estate, face-to-face meetings have yielded spectacular results due to the shared goal of the success of CREWBaltimore.


Being a member of CREWBaltimore, I have had the opportunity to get to know several business owners who are CREWBaltimore members and have helped my business of commercial property management. Specifically, Kolb Electric owner Donna Kolb has solved an issue with quality electrical help, and Kolb Electric now functions as an extension of my business, as they are prompt, efficient, quality, and competitively priced.

Cardno ATC member Karen Pecoraro has provided property condition and environmental services on several transactions with a first-rate product and service. There are other examples that I am happy to discuss with anyone who is interested.

The other way that CREWBaltimore has helped my business is regularly seeing members who are in commercial real estate in and around Baltimore who I also see frequently in transactions and am comforted by knowing the professionals and principals at the table.


Being involved in CREWBaltimore, I have been very impressed with the character of the members in a business that is not always highlighted by character people. There is an underlying sense of all members to “pay it forward.” The mission and the application process helps to determine that applicants will continue to further the goals and operation of CREWBaltimore.

Men Can Join CREW!

So, yes, men can join CREW, find opportunities as described above, and enhance their businesses if they pay it forward. If you are in commercial real estate in the greater Baltimore area, CREWBaltimore is an excellent organization to consider for your investment of time.

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