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Student Scholarship Recipient: Megan Welch!


Each year, the CREWBaltimore Chapter selects one student amongst many applicants as the recipient of the CREW Baltimore Scholarship. The scholarship is awarded to a strong female student who is pursuing a career in commercial real estate while also enhancing their education.

We are delighted to announce this year’s recipient, Megan Welch! Megan is a student at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School’s Edward St. John Real Estate Program. We had a chance to connect with Megan and learn more about her past achievements and her hopes for the future in her Real Estate career.

After graduating Cum Laude from the University of Denver with a focus in Business Administration: Hospitality Management and International Business, Megan began her career working with Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants. Megan had many major achievements with Kimpton. She was a strong asset to their team, and facilitated the opening of 22 hotels in the US, Canada and the Caribbean. After four successful years with the company, Megan realized that although she loved the industry, she was ready to transition back to a student role and continue her education in real estate.

At the Carey Business School, Megan is working to receive her Master of Science in Real Estate Development and Infrastructure, and is set to graduate in August of 2020. Megan is interested in diving deeper into the development world, noting that development touches so many areas aside from construction which makes it attractive to her. Being one of nine females in the class, the only non-international female, and a member of the Real Estate Club, Megan is also working on a team for a local case study competition.

Megan is looking forward to attending one of our events in the coming months, and is eager to learn more about the opportunities CREWBaltimore has available to women in our area. Megan has a bright future ahead of her in the CRE World, and we couldn’t be happier to award her this year’s student scholarship!

Sponsor Spotlight: Absolute Services Industries


Why did you join CREWBaltimore? What makes CREWBaltimore different ?

 I was looking to establish an expansion network to my contacts.

I attended a couple of luncheons and was pleasantly greeted by board members each time.  It was also good that I only knew about 25% of the room attendees each luncheon.  The diversity of the group, the friendliness of the board and the opportunity to network with professionals I hadn’t met is why I joined.


How long have you been a CREWBaltimore member / member company?

I have been a member and sponsor for about 8 years now.


In 2-3 sentences, what do you want CREWBaltimore members to know about your company?

Absolute (MDOT (MBE/WBE) #13-222 & Baltimore City (MBE/WBE) #17-374062), provides commercial janitorial service throughout the tri-state area. We are happy to “earn your trust” with project services such as stone honing, floor restoration, carpet maintenance as well as construction/vacancy cleans. 


Which CREWBaltimore event have you most enjoyed in the past year and why?

National Federation for the Blind construction tour. It was nice to see a great company grow its message.


Best weekend activity in Baltimore?

Live music at Mecu.


What the benefits of women supporting women in the CRE industry?

There are more female property managers in our market. Female service providers can be quite the resourceful teammate.  We get each other.


Best book or article you’ve read that had you fired up to take on the day/week/year at work?

Becoming, Michelle Obama.


Which CREWBaltimore event are you most excited about this year?

The holiday party, it is always nice to take a moment to show thanks and appreciation.


Tell us about a project, program or initiative that your company will be working on in 2020.

During COVID-19, we have hired teachers, food industry servers as well as other furloughed employees to support our disinfection projects.



Sponsor Spotlight: Unlimited Restoration, Inc.

Why did you join CREWBaltimore? What makes CREWBaltimore different?

I was warmly welcomed by several members at the first meeting that I attended. I enjoyed the speaker and the camaraderie among the members. I joined to make connections and network with other women in the fast paced, ever changing commercial real estate industry. CREWBaltimore is women helping women advance and championing our accomplishments. Because of the warm welcome that I received at my first event, I look for those with a “Guest” ribbon on their name tag to welcome them and encourage them to join.


How long have you been a CREWBaltimore member / member company?

10 years


In 2-3 sentences, what do you want CREWBaltimore members to know about your company?

Unlimited Restoration caters exclusively to commercial/industrial locations, and we have the unique capabilities to return businesses to pre-loss condition in the shortest possible time after disaster such as flood, fire, mold, biohazard or sewer back-up. From one room to an entire building, no job is too small or too large for URI. We are property specialists. It’s all we do. We are just three miles from center city Baltimore, allowing us to respond promptly to any emergency when every minute counts.


Which CREWBaltimore event have you most enjoyed in the past year and why?

The golf outing. It was a fun event to raise money to fund our community outreach efforts for the year. I loved seeing people be so happy to win the baskets that we raffled off.


Best weekend activity in Baltimore?

Brunch! So many outstanding places, only 52 Sundays a year.


What are the benefits of women supporting women in the CRE industry?

Women who collaborate and support each other make an impact. Women have the unique perspective of juggling work and the demands of family and can share tips for managing both.


Best book or article you’ve read that had you fired up to take on the day/week/year at work?

“Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life…And Maybe the World” by Admiral William H. McRaven. It’s a quick read and very inspirational.


Which CREWBaltimore event are you most excited about this year?

Beacons!! A fantastic event to honor those who make a difference in the commercial real estate industry and in our community.


Tell us about a project, program or initiative that your company will be working on in 2020.

We are investing in new equipment so that every job is executed with the latest technology. All supervisors are being trained in Xactimate, which is the program that insurance carriers use for claims.



Sponsor Spotlight: Allsafe Elevator Inspections


How long have you been a CREWBaltimore member or member company?

Theresa Tsamoutalis and Allsafe Elevator Inspections joined in 2011.

In 2-3 sentences, what do you want CREWBaltimore members to know about your company?

I am very proud of Allsafe. In 2009 when I was 27, I started the company in the very small basement of a home in Canton that I rented with 3 other roommates. Now in 2020 along with a much larger management team, we have 5 offices and we perform inspections and consulting work across the country.  

What the benefits of women supporting women in the CRE industry?

The benefits are momentous. If we help each other along the way, the journey is easier for us together and then easier for those also along the path. Breaking through the “glass” ceiling alone does not have the long-term impact if you are not leading others behind you. Ultimately, it also makes work more fun and rewarding.

Best book or article you’ve read that had you fired up to take on the day/week/year at work?

A Daily Devotional by Father Barnabas Powell:

( and you do not need to be a Greek Orthodox Christian to enjoy it!

Every morning, I read this reflection and it helps set the tone for my day or helps me reset nervous energy or anxiousness.

Which CREWBaltimore event are you most excited about this year?

CREWMates!!!! I think this program will be a game changer. It is so many things, yet so simple. It’s a mastermind alliance, a small group network, a think tank, and professional & personal support group within CREWBaltimore. What will come of these small groups is professional development no matter where you are in your career. Per the White Paper, those later in their career need this support the most. We will do this while having fun too because ultimately life is too short not to have fun and have a few laughs.

2018 CREW Network White Paper: Achieving Pay Parity in Commercial Real Estate

CREW Network has maintained its title as the leading producer of research on women in commercial real estate with the newest white paper, focusing on barriers that continue to affect women’s advancement in the industry.

The 2017 White Paper titled Diversity, The Business Advantage: Best Practices for Gender Equity and Inclusion in Commercial Real Estate looked at 10 commercial real estate companies that have benefited from greater gender equity and a more diverse workforce. The 2018 White Paper titled Achieving Pay Parity in Commercial Real Estate builds off the findings of the 2017 White Paper and presents data, expert insight, and action items for companies and women professionals to close the gender pay gap.

The White Paper explains that “pay parity is when employers can show there is no pay gap across the entire workforce between individuals when it comes to gender, race or ethnicity.” The dictionary definition of parity as the “quality or state of being equal or equivalent.” Commercial Real Estate is under more pressure to address equality issues as companies are striving to meet the goals of quality and diversity inclusion.
Below, are the highlights and key takeaways from this year’s white paper:

Facts and Findings
• The gender pay gap in commercial real estate has decreased since the 2005 study, however, it still exists and is strongest for respondents earning less than $100,000 and above $250,000.
• Studies show that women in commercial real estate are 54% less likely to have a sponsor that can provide career advice or help compared to their male counterparts.
• The pay gap widens as years of experience increases.
• The software company specializing in pay data, PayScale, believes women are less likely to ask for raises compared to men, having a cumulative effect on women as they progress in their careers.

Benefits for Women and Companies
• Companies where women account for most of top management show superior sales growth and higher cash flow return on investment.
• The McKinsey Global Institute stated, “if women—who account for half the world’s population—do not achieve their full economic potential, the global economy will suffer.”
• The Institute of Women’s Policy Research noted that the poverty rate for all working women would be cut in half from 8% to 3.8%.
• 25.8 million children would also feel the benefits of equal pay, decreasing the number living in poverty from 5.6 million to 3.1 million.

Achieving Pay Parity
• Each year, Wells Fargo conducts a pay equity analysis of its US employees, which is 93% of its total workforce.
• The analysis is conducted in the fourth quarter, syncing with the annual pay review cycle, and compares the compensation of employees performing the same work to ensure employees are being paid fairly.
• In February 2018, Wells Fargo’s results showed that their female US employees make more than 99 cents on the dollar than their male counterparts.
• The head of compensation at Wells Fargo, Michael Branca, noted the five lessons learned from the process.

1. Equity starts at the top; leadership must have a commitment to reaching this goal.
2. Cultivate and nurture a diverse workforce. It’s important to pay attention to equality with current employees, but it’s important to keep diversity in mind when hiring and training employees to maintain a diverse workforce.
3. Pay equity is an ongoing process; it’s not a onetime event, it is something that must be a long-term commitment and goal.
4. Engage an expert. It’s important to have someone there to advise the work along the way.
5. You must be competitive. Wells Fargo has created three separate programs for employees to use to help balance work and family life that include options for paid parental leave or caregiving leave.

• Adobe reached equal pay in 2017 after reviewing the job structure of their US employees and analyzing the compensation practices and made the appropriate changes.
• Starbucks has reached 100% of pay equity after 10 years of efforts.

Actions Going Forward

Korn Ferry released an article titled “Equal Pay for Equal Work: The Status Quo is Not an Option” and created a five-step process called “EQUAL” that helps identify possible pay gaps and how to address the root cause.
1. Establish Parameters by scoping the work, developing a plan, identifying data, and assessing perceptions
2. Quantify Gaps by analyzing the data, building pay models, and identifying gaps
3. Understand Drivers by reviewing the root cause and analyzing rewards programs, talent acquisition and management, and governance
4. Action Planning by introducing pay remediation and strategy, design, and culture changes
5. Lead Change by aligning leaders, communications, changing road-map, equipping leaders, and keeping a sustained effort. 

You can read the full 2018 White Paper: Achieving Pay Parity in Commercial Real Estate here.


The CREW Network website received a whole new look last fall! Below are some tips and tricks for using the new site to YOUR ADVANTAGE.

 Keeping your CREWbiz profile current can open doors and connections

CREWbiz is a business networking tool designed exclusively for CREW members and the primary way to access your benefits. Your personal profile on CREWbiz can be used to promote your unique skills and expertise to our member base of more than 9,000 members. Upload your photograph; edit your biography; promote yourself! Feel free to use your profile to tell members about your recent business deals or speaking engagements and articles you’ve written.

You can manage all of your membership functions directly from your CREWbiz profile: search for members, manage your contact information, register for a CREW Network event, purchase from the online store, print receipts for any CREW Network transaction and much, much more!

To log into CREWbiz:
1. Go to the CREW Network website,
2. Log into your account via the “Account Login” link in the top right corner (if you do not already have an account, you will need to create one by clicking on “Create a new account”)
3. Select “CREWbiz Community” at the top of the page.

Your personal profile can be managed from the icon in the top right corner of the CREWbiz page.
(Note: changes to your name or organization must be made by CREW Network staff ensure database integrity. After logging into your account and selecting the “About Me” tab, you will see two links: Request Name Change and Request Organization Change).

CREW Network is an excellent resource for identifying employment opportunities

Use the Career Center to post or browse open positions, manage multiple resumes, and apply for positions quickly and easily. Postings are automatically listed on job sites of more than a dozen other industry organizations for maximum exposure. The CREW Network website also hosts several special interest group forums that connect you with other like-minded members looking to exchange information, share experiences, discuss opportunities or challenges, and provide business support. To access the Career Center, hover over the “About” link and select Career Center.

CREW Network is a resource for industry news and trends

CREW Network publishes White Papers and Industry Research Reports, cultivated to assist you. Access these valuable resources in the “About” link under “Research” and “Newsroom” on the CREW Network website.

Check it out, there’s so much to discover. Let CREW work for YOU!