CREW Network Foundation – What It’s All About

Many of you have seen our posts on LinkedIn concerning the CREW Network Chapter Challenge – and thanks to your support, CREWBaltimore has completed all three goals! The goals are outlined below as a recap.

Goal 1: Chapter to contribute at least $1,000 directly to CREW Network Foundation

Goal 2: Have 100% of your Chapter’s Board give an individual donation

And Goal 3: Have 50% of your Chapter’s membership give an individual donation

But why was completing all three of these goals, and hence the Chapter Challenge, so important? And what does the donated money fund? The Chapter Challenge is an initiative created by CREW Network Foundation to introduce women to commercial real estate (CRE) and opportunities available in this industry. Specifically, Foundation is the charitable arm of CREW, and supports the career success of women through scholarships, industry research, and career outreach.

Since 2008, Foundation has awarded scholarships to 91 women totaling $685,000. These scholarships are designed to encourage women to “pursue an education that will lead to a career in the commercial real estate industry” by giving them a paid internship opportunity, an 18 month CREW Network membership, and matching them with a CREW Network mentor.

In 2015, CREW Network released its third industry survey, funded through Foundation, in the 2015 Benchmark Study Report. The study examined compensation, experience and position, and success and satisfaction for women in commercial real estate, and compared the findings with the results from the 2005 and 2010 surveys. The largest inequalities between men and women are still the income gap and the number of women in C-suite positions, although progress has been made over the past 10 years.

Foundation also supports career outreach by creating programs that “educate women and girls about the career opportunities available to them.” At our local level, the CREWBaltimore Outreach UCREW committee has partnered with the Johns Hopkins Carey School of Business to host the UCREW program. The event allows students direct interaction with current CRE professionals who can provide insight and advice about opportunities in the industry post-graduation. The event has taken many forms, including a speed dating session with different representatives from each trade available to talk with students, and a Q&A panel with industry leaders.

Both CREW Network Foundation and our CREWBaltimore Outreach committee greatly benefit from the expertise and generosity of our members. Once again, thank you to our 70 CREWBaltimore members who donated to CREW Network Foundation. Supporting these initiatives accomplishes lasting changes for women in CRE, and gained us recognition as one of the chapters to complete all three challenges!

*Data and quotations taken from the 2015 CREW Network Foundation Annual Report and