CREW Convention Recap 2019

Over the past quarter, members of our Board had the opportunity to attend the 2019 CREW Network Convention and CREW Network Leadership Summit. Events provided a wealth of knowledge, incredible speakers and amazing networking opportunities.

At the CREW Network Convention, Carey Lohrenz, the first female F-14 Tomcat Fighter Pilot in the U.S. Navy and author of “Fearless Leadership”, spoke about topics of preparation, teamwork, and opportunities.  Fundamentally, relentless preparation will allow you and your team to face new challenges.  Great teams are based on belief and trust.  You may be nervous, but you will always default to your lowest denominator: your training.  If you are too afraid of failure, you may pass up great opportunities.  In the end, it is your ability to recover from failure that matters the most.

At the CREW Network Leadership Summit, Debra Fine, author of “The Fine Art of Small Talk” discussed better ways to connect with people.  She encouraged the audience to dig deeper, ask more specific questions, and be good listeners.  Specific to CREW Network, she related this message to making our new members feel welcome and included.

Other sessions focused further on successful networking.  Changing up the format and location of our networking sessions to include lunch and learns, board-hosted calls, webinars, deliberate discussions about member-to-member business opportunities and getting people involved in even a single event could enhance our networking success.

Commercial real estate discussions highlighted emerging trends.  In leasing, tenants and employees are looking for “the experience”.  The amenities that come along with the job, building, and location are key.  Natural light, personal climate control, on-site coffee bars, and nearby shopping and food options all contribute to a positive perception.  Considerations for E-commerce and deliveries, and mobility issues including parking are also at the forefront of these conversations.

Our CREWBaltimore Board of Directors encourages each of you look for opportunities to participate in local, regional, and national CREW events to broaden your knowledge base, leadership skills and connections.  While your business may be local, your network can be global!