Conversations over Coffee

Going into 2020, CREWBaltimore had a full program lineup that included Construction Tour Happy Hours, Beacon Awards, Luncheons, and various volunteer events. When the pandemic began to take effect, the chapter knew their previously full schedule was going to have some big changes.

When faced with the challenges of rescheduled and canceled events, CREWBaltimore found a way to take advantage of the new normal by pivoting their event structure from in person to virtual. Starting in March, CREWBaltimore has been conducting weekly “Conversations Over Coffee” for members to attend over Zoom, allowing different members and guest speakers to discuss a variety of topics, which allowed the chapter as a whole to stay connected.

Over the course of the past few months, members have been invited to join webinars that cover topics ranging from leasing trends, commercial cleaning, building operations, financial impact, interior design, and much more. Each panel, hosted by CREWBaltimore President, Kristen Schrader, included members that had the opportunity to discuss the different effects COVID-19 has had in their respective industries.

With these calls, members are able to attend more “events” in the past few months than they would throughout the entire year. It gives members the opportunity to meet other members they might not have had the chance to meet at the in-person events. Although CREWBaltimore has been greatly affected by COVID-19, the Conversations Over Coffee has been a silver lining and allows the chapter as a whole to still be together while apart.

Please visit the CREWBaltimore Youtube channel to view recordings of all Conversations Over Coffee we’ve had so far!