Sponsor Spotlight: Absolute Services Industries


Why did you join CREWBaltimore? What makes CREWBaltimore different ?

 I was looking to establish an expansion network to my contacts.

I attended a couple of luncheons and was pleasantly greeted by board members each time.  It was also good that I only knew about 25% of the room attendees each luncheon.  The diversity of the group, the friendliness of the board and the opportunity to network with professionals I hadn’t met is why I joined.


How long have you been a CREWBaltimore member / member company?

I have been a member and sponsor for about 8 years now.


In 2-3 sentences, what do you want CREWBaltimore members to know about your company?

Absolute (MDOT (MBE/WBE) #13-222 & Baltimore City (MBE/WBE) #17-374062), provides commercial janitorial service throughout the tri-state area. We are happy to “earn your trust” with project services such as stone honing, floor restoration, carpet maintenance as well as construction/vacancy cleans. 


Which CREWBaltimore event have you most enjoyed in the past year and why?

National Federation for the Blind construction tour. It was nice to see a great company grow its message.


Best weekend activity in Baltimore?

Live music at Mecu.


What the benefits of women supporting women in the CRE industry?

There are more female property managers in our market. Female service providers can be quite the resourceful teammate.  We get each other.


Best book or article you’ve read that had you fired up to take on the day/week/year at work?

Becoming, Michelle Obama.


Which CREWBaltimore event are you most excited about this year?

The holiday party, it is always nice to take a moment to show thanks and appreciation.


Tell us about a project, program or initiative that your company will be working on in 2020.

During COVID-19, we have hired teachers, food industry servers as well as other furloughed employees to support our disinfection projects.